Preschool Enrollment

The following information is required for enrollment:

  1. Completed and signed Student Enrollment Form
    Application For Enrollment
  2. Completed Physical signed and stamped by doctor
    Pre Admission Health Form Completed by Doctor
  3. Registration fee $75 (Non-Refundable / Non-Transferrable)
  4. Pre-Admission Health History-Parent’s Report
    Pre Admission Health History Parent’s Report
  5. Personal Right of Child signed receipt
    Personal Rights
  6. Parent Rights form signed
    Caregiver Background-1 and Caregiver Background-2
  7. A copy of the child’s Immunization Card
  8. A copy of the child’s Birth Certificate
  9. Signed Computer Usage Contract
    Acceptable Use Agreement
  10. Completed Emergency Info sheet
    Emergency Info Sheet
  11. Signed Admission Agreement
    Admissions Agreement

* Minimum age for the preschool child is 24 months or 2 years of age.

A student can be disenrolled at any time.  The school does require a minimum of a two week notice in writing.  Failure to disenroll the student properly will lead to tuition charges for the weeks that the notice was suppose to cover.