Kirkwood Program Overview

The Kirkwood Program has been developed over the past forty years.

This short introductory video is designed to present an overview of the Kirkwood Educational Program. This educational system has gone through multiple transformations and generational improvements over the past forty years; but the basic underlying principles have changed very little during this time. With the development of technology, improvements have been made to the curriculum as well as interactivity to the program. As a result, students are increasingly able to develop more of their tremendous God-given potential and to truly become a powerful instrument of the Lord.

We firmly believe that teaching young children is a ministry calling.

Kirkwood teachers see themselves as instruments of God, being able to minister in the life of each individual child that has been entrusted to them. We realize that teaching is in essence a ministry, and the work of a Christian teacher begins in prayer: to have a heart of love for each child, to see each child through God’s eyes, and to be His instrument in fostering growth.