Core Value Statement

Core values are the school’s guiding principles that direct the school in fulfilling its mission.

Core values define the school’s community. Core values help minimize the risk of wasting time on competing directions. They help determine resource allocation. They guide the school when dealing with difficult times or issues.

The core values that help to articulate our vision are:

Christian Character

KCS provides a framework of Christian Character through Bible study and value development.

Academic Excellence

KCS provides an individualized academic program that encourages students to do and be their academic best.


KCS believes that a child learns best when in a unified community of support from both the family and the school.

Growth in Love and Knowledge of Jesus Christ

KCS believes that the most important knowledge that is taught at a Christian school is truth about Jesus Christ and the Bible.

Models of Christ

KCS believes that every child has a special place and calling on their life. KCS believes that each child can become a powerful instrument in the hands of the Lord to make this world a better place.